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Recreation & Volunteer Services

We strive to foster a sense of home and community. In collaboration with our residents, we have developed meaningful and relevant recreation opportunities. Whether your interests are quiet or more community-minded, we have much to offer.

Grounds: Our beautiful grounds provide the opportunity for a leisurely stroll on our paved path. The wonders of nature are right outside your door! You may even encounter our resident family of deer. Every year in early May, we host our “Move for Health Day”; this event encourages people to come out and walk the path once or several times for their health. We welcome families and friends to join us. There are always prizes for participation and healthy treats to cap off the day. In July the grounds serve as a backdrop to our Annual Garden party. This is one of our larger events, with over 100 people attending. It is a chance to catch up with new and old neighbors and share the festivities of the day with family and friends. We often refer to it as our “Strawberry Social” as fresh strawberry short cake and tea are served.

Libraries: We are fortunate to have two resident run libraries on campus, one at The Cedars and one at The Dawson. The Cedars’ Library also serves as a quiet place to read, work on a jigsaw puzzle and enjoy morning coffee.

Computer Room: At The Cedars we have a computer room with internet access available to all campus residents. Our computer room also has the use of a shredder and a magnifier to assist those with limited vision.

Social and Activity Hub: In our Multipurpose Room you can have a cup of tea with friends, work on a craft, and participate in one of our many exercise programs. This is also where we meet for movies, travelogues, games, music programs, hymn sing, and spiritual time.

Events: At Dawson Heights we have many social events from our monthly birthday parties to our always anticipated Sherry Party and Candlelight Dinner at Christmas time. Family and friends regularly join us for these celebrations that are always enhanced by music and excellent food.

Community Outings: There is much to do in and around Victoria. We often use our van to head out on weekly walks to a variety of sites; community events; and restaurants. In the summer we include picnics and concerts in the park. For those who enjoy shopping every Saturday there are shopping trips to the local malls organized through B.C. Transport’s Handi-Dart.

Spirit of Giving: Our community is one of generosity and giving. Each October we participate in the Cops for Cancer head shaving fund raiser. At Christmas we decorate our Tree of Hope with mittens, socks, scarves and hats for those in need of some warmth. When the Tree is full, we donate the items to local charities. We also contribute regular donations of food to the local food bank.   Our outreach goes beyond our walls and greater Victoria and extends to communities in need worldwide, for the past eight years a group of campus residents fostered a child through Plan Canada. We have also answered the call and donated to countries that have had natural disasters. Most recently we donated money to the Philippines after their devastating typhoon.

Fundraising Initiatives: Our community actively contributes to fundraising for our Residents’ Fund through our Annual Bazaar, bottle returns and the collection of Daisy Dollars. Money from these fundraising activities has gone to resurface our walkway and to other purchases for the good of the community of Dawson Heights.

Commitment to the Environment: Our community is also environmentally conscious; we have an extensive recycling program that is made easy. Our environmental services coordinate the program, and each member of our community is willing to help out if you have questions.

Volunteer Opportunities: We offer many chances to volunteer your time and approximately 60% of our 100 volunteers are made up of people from The Dawson Heights Community. The volunteer possibilities range from daily to annually. We have volunteers who daily support our teatime by serving tea and treats, others who volunteer annually at our Bazaar and those who weekly call Bingo.   The volunteer opportunities are endless at Dawson Heights.

For a complete listing of activities, you can check out our monthly  Recreation Calendar  here.