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Our Housekeeping team is a critical partner in helping to upkeep the beauty of our campus and ensure that residents’ apartments are maintained to a high standard of cleanliness

Once a month the following duties are performed in each suite:

  • Wiping baseboards and doors
  • Dusting lights, blinds and ceiling fans
  • If accessible, vacuuming underneath beds and couches

At The Cedars, rent includes weekly light housekeeping services: 

  • Changing bedding and replacing towels
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilet, shower, counter, mirror
  • Washing bathroom & kitchenette floors
  • Vacuuming all carpets (easily accessible areas)
  • Wiping and sanitizing kitchenette counters and sink
  • Dusting window ledges, heat registers and patio door tracks
  • Wiping any marks on walls
  • Wiping door knobs with an antibacterial disinfectant