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 When I moved to The Cedars on April 1, 2009, nearing my 90th birthday, I was physically and emotionally at a very low ebb. Life improved vastly…..the staff were warm, considerate and helpful and ready with a hug when needed; people laughed; you could sign up for activities you were ready for. Fellow residents were coping well with their own challenges. Best of all were the beautiful grounds with a nature walk that soothed my spirit. The walking trail was improved to allow for deer watching and I am enjoying Mother Nature. 

Meals are very good and it is lovely to be able to invite my family for meals.

 I am truly grateful for my time at The Cedars. Thank you all.

 Caroline J.

DAWSON HEIGHTS is a wonderful community of friendly people, living in beautiful grounds like a little village! Many years ago, my parents lived on the same site, so for me, I’ve come home again!

Sandra L.

 The ambience of The Cedars enfolds one immediately. Being just 53 suites, one feels part of a big family; diverse activities, caring staff and good food choices. I am content.

Clodagh W.

I enjoy looking out the windows and seeing the green world; particularly the Garry oak trees. I’m very fortunate to be here.

Dave T.


 Delightful in every way

Amazing place to live

Wildlife all around

Smiles everywhere

Opportunities galore

Neat as a pin


Helpful in every sense

Enjoyable surroundings

Inspiring to all

Grounds fantastic

Hard work from everyone


Super place to be

Doreen W.


The friendly atmosphere and friendliness with staff and residents is wonderful. There are many activities one can become involved in. And the food is great.

Marge S.

 Over the years I’ve lived at The Cottages I’ve witnessed many delightful moments in the lives of deer and their tiny fawns, raccoons and their kits and many squirrels chasing each other through the trees. I’ve watched hummingbirds raise their young, hawks and their chicks, ducks with their ducklings, eagles, ravens, turkey vultures, owls and many different song birds. How fortunate to enjoy the benefits of so much green space, alongside the convenience of living in the city!


 Hi and good wishes to everyone. I’m into my eleventh year at The Cedars and it has been a warm and happy home all that time.

My husband and I watched it being built, with a very close viewpoint. Tony was teaching Morse code to a class of amateur radio people at Red Cross House and he went by here every day. We followed the preparation of the site and the actual building of The Cedars right from beginning to end so we were able to follow each step of the way and were impressed at the quality of planning and workmanship. When we walked in to inspect it we had a wonderful peaceful feeling about the whole place, so we came here two months after it officially opened and neither of us has ever regretted the move.

The staff people are exceptional in their care and attention to people and our friendly greetings are always shared among us as one big happy family. Quite a number of staff have been here for years and seem happy and contented. This place is really home and I love it.

I’m sad that Tony only had five years here, but he was quite contented and happy here. The staff were very kind and thoughtful at his passing and I love them for it.

Carry on, The Cedars!

All good wishes,

Dee B.

 I don’t know where to start except the beginning of my journey at the Cedars…

It was quite some time ago I noticed as I was driving by that there was a new building… so arranged to visit and see if it was a place I would like to spend the rest of my life.

Well, it didn’t take me long to make arrangements to take a tour with my daughter in- law and I was so impressed by the hospitality, cleanliness, and lovely apartments. So bright and cheery and there was a certain feeling of “Being at Home” although I knew no one there.

The services were so welcoming to me as I was getting more than a little fed up with my own cooking! and to have housekeeping and programs galore to attend or not …. the choice was mine.

There are openings in many things happening here at The Cedars…. and anyone wanting to can find opportunities to volunteer, to keep occupied, not feel at loose ends and to know that your contributions to life here make a difference and that you are valued.

I would recommend taking a tour and getting your name on the list as soon as possible for space is limited. Don’t say “I am not ready yet” because a lot of people wait too long to make this important decision. Make it while you can do it and don’t leave it to your family to decide. Mine were sure glad that I made the move. 

The staff here are so caring and gracious I feel so at home and welcomed here. 

Mabel J.

I left The Cedars to live with my daughter. I soon found out how much I missed The Cedars. The friends that I had made, the good food, the smiling faces, staff who do their best to make you feel at home. Now I feel I am at home, and happy to be back.

Betty B.

The Cedars is an exceptional home that meets all essential criteria for such a residence – efficient role-modelling administration; competent, caring, and outreaching staff; a cooperative, mutually interdependent community of residents; functional, well-planned facilities; and a happy atmosphere with highly-appreciated services in maintenance, housekeeping, fine dining, recreation, and entertainment. We are most privileged to make it our home.

Mary & Arthur

We chose to live at Dawson Heights as a result of our search for a place to live in Victoria. We had made a list of places to look at and by coincidence Dawson Heights was the first place we visited. We were early for our appointment so we sat in the lobby of The Cedars and observed the interaction between the residents and staff. The friendly caring atmosphere that existed impressed us both. After the interviews we felt that The Dawson was for us but we continued our search, (It can’t be that easy we thought!). We visited several other seniors friendly sites, being early was a good strategy as it gave a glimpse of casual staff-resident interaction and in one case, a warning to be careful before signing anything.

Unfortunately, our sights had been set too high by our Dawson experience and by the end of the day we both felt we were wasting our time looking anywhere else. We confirmed our application at The Dawson and after acceptance and an unexpectedly short waiting period, we moved in.

Our experiences since we moved in, ten months ago, have confirmed our initial impressions and we are happy and contented. Sure there are some things that could be improved. I am sensitive to noise, my wife to heat, so we have had to adapt to life in the city. We can participate in whatever activities we choose and enjoy the comradeship within the community. Food is well prepared, varied and served. The location is close to everything needed and because there are several seniors residences in the area the businesses are sensitive to the differing needs of seniors.

Moving into a 55+ residence is like moving into a small town, everyone wants to know you and see if you will add to their experiences or not. We believe that by joining in we get more out and others recognize that. One of the greatest challenges is remembering names but everyone faces that and we are all quick to accept this small foible in each other.

This is beginning to sound like a love letter simply because it is. 

Brian & Louise G

This (Dawson Heights) has been my home for twelve years. Thanks to the wonderful, warm and caring administration and staff it really is a home I can take pride and joy in.

I am grateful to you all every day.

Gabriel D.

I have lived at The Cedars for three years and during that time I have never heard a discordant word pass between either staff or residents. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the staff always ready to help with a smile. The Cedars is a great place to call home.

A wonderful family, with excellent meals. Come see!


I am so very happy to live here at The Cedars – everyone feels the same – the atmosphere you and your staff have created for all of us is so pleasant – everyone living in HARMONY – IDEAL.

Thank you so much.

Edna. C

Over the years in various cities in Canada, I have been acquainted with residents in “Care-Homes”, so I consider my opinion well-founded. 

THE CEDARS is supreme…….

  • In architectural design, & structure, e.g. sound-proofing, etc., it is unequaled.

And the staff is Angelic.