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Work & Volunteer

Volunteer with us!

Our people are the heart of what we do. We have created a rewarding and fun environment where empowered employees and volunteers can contribute towards a meaningful organization.

Volunteering is one of those wonderful win-win situations in life. We offer ourselves for service to some aspect of our community, hoping to make a contribution, expecting nothing in return. Doing so because we see it as a responsibility of citizenship or as an expression of appreciation or gratitude for what we ourselves have. And then, what happens? We find that volunteering is:  a good way to meet people; ‘kicks’ us out of bed in the morning; opens us up to new experiences that we might never have considered; makes a positive difference in the lives of others (and maybe even ourselves); and helps us to realize that we are of greater value to one another than we ever thought we were.

Sometimes what might appear to be the smallest of volunteering gestures can have a significant impact on someone else’s life. For information about volunteering opportunities, please send us a message or call  (250) 477-4850.

Staff Opportunities


DAWSON HEIGHTS HOUSING LTD. has no staff opportunities available at this time.

 Send us a message or please call  (250) 477-4850