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The Story of Dawson Heights

Dawson Heights is a non-profit housing complex set on lovely grounds populated by Garry oaks, cedar trees, many birds, and a family of deer. At Dawson Heights we have created a bit of magic through having great people, strong management, clarity in our work, and a beautiful property. We respect and nurture all residents as individuals, and we provide unrivaled recreational programming to enhance their lives.

In the summer of 1949, a gentleman named Percy Dawson approached St. Luke’s Anglican Parish, advising that he had a ‘large sum of money’ he wished to donate to a project for the good of the community. Mr. Dawson was a philanthropist and always interested in housing and people. There was a dire need in the community for rental housing for elderly couples and widowed or single women; thus, the seed was sown for what is today known as “Dawson Heights”.

Ultimately, a non-profit subsidiary, called Dawson Heights Housing Ltd., was formed to administer the project. When he died in 1962, Mr. Dawson bequeathed his shares in Dawson Heights to the Anglican Diocese of BC, which holds them to this day. New facilities built, and to be built, keep faith with Mr. Dawson’s original vision but meet today’s standards. Our new buildings provide increased security, comfort and the social and supportive opportunities of community to create an improved quality of life.